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Yan Yikuan as the Brand Ambassador

Date of publication:2019 / 07 / 16    Number of visits: 1160

Recently, sihoo announced yan yikuan endorsement brand image ambassador, sihoo will work together with yan yikuan to create new aesthetics of Chinese intelligent engineering furniture. This brand cooperation marks an important step for xhao to announce its brand new slogan, "better seat comes with better inspiration", and opens a new chapter of xhao chair brand in 2019.


Strong joint, solid and steady progress


As a star with both appearance level and strength, yan yikuan devotes himself to his art, focuses on polishing his acting skills, and makes steady progress, bringing countless excellent works to the audience. This perfectly fits the unremitting pursuit of craftsmanship of xhao brand, and makes a down-to-earth and deep cultivation of the brand, from little known to great reputation in the industry.


Yan yi wide endorsement west hao brand image ambassador, let the power group more strength


In the play, he is dedicated, dedicated, full of passion and love for his work, and is a powerful actor recognized by the nation. Outside the play, with healthy and masculine appearance and cheerful personality, won excellent audience and praise. The endorsement, YanYi wide, as always, to transfer the sunlight and healthy life attitude, is working with the west's son brand "creating healthy quality life" the original intent of the same view: focus on engineering, furniture is committed to study, work, entertainment for the consumer to provide healthy and comfortable, the engineering seat spirit heritage and practicing continuously, furniture innovation to improve people's quality of life.


"Save" 996 work system, good seat birth better inspiration

A seemingly simple chair often needs to involve ergonomics, mechanics, materials and other extremely large and complex categories of knowledge. Nowadays, "996 work system" is popular, and sitting for a long time brings great harm to the spine. More and more people hope to have a comfortable engineering chair in their work and life.


And that is the purpose of the establishment of the west's son, since 2011, the west's son never interrupted study of ergonomics, and hand in hand, shenzhen association of human body engineering application, west HaoGongXue institute established, building design, manufacturing, marketing, quality testing and storage installation for the integration of industrial chain system, released the 2019 white paper on China's workplace sedentary behavior, in the workplace sedentary health promoting public welfare undertakings, and to let more people understand the importance of engineering chair.



Never forget the original intention, forge ahead


sihoo furniture insists on making good quality with craftsmanship, combining science and technology with humanization, paying equal attention to beauty and practicality, constantly striving for perfection, breaking through innovation, creating every seat for users, adhering to user-centered, and bringing healthy and comfortable sitting experience for users.


West's son hope that through the brand cooperation, hand in hand together to build China's smart YanYi wide engineering professional furniture brand, and in the product design more human, make more exquisite, to the next level in terms of quality, the future will continue to inheritance and practice spirit, find the balance of health and comfort, seats and providing quality engineering services, shoulder furniture industry innovation and development mission!

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